Our company is comprised of professional individuals, and each of us has their own special traits.

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Einat Tzur-Shain

Einat has more than 20 years of experience in the global software industry, out of which 10 years are as the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of ServiceWise.

Along the years Einat held positions in various High-Tech companies, hardware, software and services – from system analysis and project management, through managing delivery units to business development and top management roles.

Einat has a rich experience in complex customer environments consists of various technologies, in global markets, such as Ford Motor Company, Ingersoll-Rand and MG-Rover.

Over the last 15 years, Einat has led hundreds of CRM projects based on Salesforce CRM & platform for Sales, Service and marketing organizations, in customers from various industries and sizes.

Einat holds a Bsc. degree in Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv Uni. Einat is Married + 4 children.

Bentsi Brandes

Bentsi brings to ServiceWise over 20 years of experience in projects management and system analysis.

Since 2007, he has been managing and implementing Salesforce. Prior to that he managed Number Portability System projects for all the major telecom companies in Israel.

He previously held various managerial positions at Yael Software in the area of business development, project management and led projects of more than $5M.

Bentsi graduated MAMRAM and holds a B.Sc degree in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University.

Igal Lebedev

Igal has over 11 years of experience with Salesforce systems and a great love for technology.

Igal has a deep understanding of business processes and was the Founder and CEO of ‘BuilderEdge’ - the only Salesforce based construction ERP.

Just before that, he was the Co-Founder VP R&D of ‘Novidea Software’ - an end-to-end platform provides real-time business intelligence and seamless workflow management for brokers, agents, MGAs, bancassurance and corporate risk management.

Igal has a wife and 3 children and he loves to work.

Adi Friedman

Head of Delivery
Adi has joined our team as an experienced QA engineer almost 7 years ago, with a mission to improve the quality of our delivered solutions.

After forming and assimilating the quality vision in ServiceWise, Adi has led the QA team to become a significant link in our success stories.

As Head of Delivery, for more than 2 years , managing the development and QA teams, Adi is still fully committed to delivering high-quality solutions.

Eyal Morad

Implementation Team Leader
Eyal has joined our team as a professional SF implementer almost 5 years ago in order to deliver to our customers the best solution based on Salesforce best practice.

After 2 years in ServiceWise, Eyal has been promoted and became the implementation team leader.

Eyal recruits and train his team to become excellent resources and has also become a significant source of knowledge for the entire company.
Hanit Wienrib

Hanit Wienrib

Head of Development
Hanit Wienrib is Head of our development team for 3 years, senior developer that creates tailor-made solutions for customers.

Hanit has graduated with her BSc in industrial engineering with a specialization in information technologies from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. In her previous positions, Hanit was part of software developer teams, working with PMs directly and delivering solutions.

Hanit enjoys learning new things every day and believes keeping a beginner's mindset approach is key to success. Her approach is that there is always a solution, and finding it depends on persistence and willingness to learn. In light of this approach, Hanit leads the development team.

Rivka Margules

HR Business Partner
Rivka has 7 years of experience consulting and managing HR processes.

Rivka has built and successfully implemented HR solutions focusing on organizational behavior and development, talent acquisition and recruitment, employee engagement, and creative solutions to HR issues.

Rivka has graduated her BA and MA from Bar Ilan University with honors. She's currently studying for her second MA in behavioral and organizational development at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya.

Rivka is also a mother of four and enjoys spending her time doing sports activities.