Our clients: the center of ServiceWise’s business and successes

From understanding their challenges, through suggesting the best solution for them, to putting it in place – we have made a thriving business by helping our own customers prosper.

We serve commercial and non-profit organizations of all sizes and verticals, and regardless of how their success is defined, we helped them achieve it.

Among our portfolio of customers you will find organizations from a variety of verticals: Manufacturing, Financial Institutes, High-Tech; Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, BioTech, Semiconductors, Utilities; Public Service organizations; Government Offices; Non-profit associations and foundations.

In short, if there’s a way to harness Salesforce’s CRM or platform or Marketing Automation tools to help a business achieve its objectives, we’ve probably done it for one of our customers. Browse our collection of success stories to learn more. We’re sure you’ll find there a business like yours.

Here are some of our customers stories:

We are especially experienced in the following domains:

  • Helping businesses expand globally
  • Optimizing the management of parallel business processes
  • Optimizing & scaling sales and service operations of various size organizations
  • Increasing CRM adoption within geographically diverse businesses
  • Adapting various business applications to business growth
  • Automating marketing operations
  • Experience in integration to 3rd party systems like: ERP, Websites, Backoffice systems

ServiceWise experts are available on any topic related to Salesforce.com, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, Pardot environment. Whether you are looking at it as a CRM business or organization, or who have chosen it, and you need advice or assistance in its implementation and adaptation to your needs – rely on our competent consultants to assist you.