Harness the power of our Salesforce.com Cloud Alliance partnership

What do you get when you combine the force of salesforce.com’s products and technology with the deep expertise of the ServiceWise team?

A powered up CRM application that fits your business’ needs like a glove, and an almost unlimited potential to build whatever you want on top of the Salesforce 1 Platform.

Salesforce.com is hands down the leader, if not the creator, of the enterprise cloud computing category. Its business, social and mobile cloud technologies, including its super-rich sales & service CRM applications and the industry’s most powerful cloud development platform for the enterprise — help companies of all sizes and shapes connect with customers, partners, and employees in ways not possible before.

As a Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner, we built our reputation on our ability to deliver top value off of the Salesforce.com application suite and its platform, Force.com. Our customer portfolio encompasses such verticals as manufacturing, retail, finance, hi-tech, with sizable representation of the public and nonprofit sectors as well. Our project experience spans hundreds of successful client engagements, of both the short and long term kind. Combined with our team’s proficiency in literally all of Salesforce’s product lines, ServiceWise is well positioned to serve all of your Salesforce related needs.