Step up your demand generation performance and marketing ROI with Salesforce Pardot marketing automation platform

There’s a stage in the lifecycle of a business when doing things the manual way doesn’t work anymore. This is as true for marketing operations as it is for accounting or customer service. Luckily, there’s an easy solution for that. It’s called marketing automation, and if there’s one marketing automation software that combines attributes like ‘simple’, ‘easy’ and ‘powerful’, it’s Pardot.

Established in 2007, Pardot is the perfect fit for your business, and has been successfully deployed within divisions of SMBs and within large enterprises. Once you’ve implemented it, within weeks you will feel the difference as you’ll start running lead scoring and smart email drip programs, segmenting your database for better marketing results, and reporting on your performance using what is considered the best analytics & reporting suite in the industry.

Finally, we saved the best for last. Pardot is part of the family. So if you’re a Salesforce CRM user in need of a marketing automation solution, choosing Pardot makes just too much sense to ignore. And there are very good reasons you’d want to do it with us.

The ServiceWise advantage for Pardot customers

Our company is the only place in Israel where you can find the most experienced implementation team for both Pardot and Salesforce, literally sharing the same office space. When you engage with us to guide you through your Pardot implementation journey, you win because:

  • We’ve done more such projects than anyone else in the country.
  • We’ve got the best practices needed to help you reach a truly synchronized working environment – fast.
  • We know the system’s strengths, but also its ‘soft spots’, so we will help you avoid the costly mistakes of inexperience.

To date, the ServiceWise team has helped a group of organizations of different sizes implement and benefit from their marketing automation investments. Our clients span global organizations as JFrogPlataineJacada & more.

Not sure yet if you need Pardot?

Decided on Pardot but not sure about implementation partners? perhaps a look at one of our customer referenceswill help you decide.