Serve your Customers Better with the Salesforce Service Cloud

Smooth, informed and efficient customer service is key to the success of any organization that has a service component in its daily operations.

You provide smooth service when you minimize the friction your customers experience when they turn to you for help and support. Like when you listen to them in all relevant channels – a service call center, your website, or your Facebook page – making it possible to initiate the proper treatment and follow it through to conclusion.

You provide an informed service service experience when your service & support staff has a true 360 degrees view of the customer, and 100% transparency to the customer’s history of interactions with your organization.

Finally, you provide efficient service when your service department can continuously improve First Call Resolution rates, decrease average case handling times and deflect costly call center calls to less expensive service channels.

Salesforce Service Cloud helps you improve your customer service levels, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction, all while reducing operational costs. That’s because it allows smoother, more informed and efficient service across every channel.

What we can do for you

ServiceWise’s team of Service Cloud experts has helped both large and medium organizations implement the Service Cloud and achieve these benefits. Our structured methodology will help you fully understand the project’s scope, plan for success – and achieve it.