Painless migration from NetSuite CRM to Salesforce Leads to Deep Product & Business Process Integration

Solution Selection Process

Clarizen, a provider of work execution software, required a flexible solution for its sales and executive management system, which could integrate marketing, sales and customer retention processes and data into a single unified view.

A critical consideration was integration between the selected CRM and Clarizen’s own online software back-end, in order to support real-time, 360 degrees customer information visibility.

Clarizen selected Salesforce to replace its NetSuite CRM due to the former’s speedy implementation and its ability to integrate with external systems.

Vendor Selection & Project

Clarizen chose ServiceWise as the implementation service provider, trusting its experienced team’s ability to deliver a sensitive project on schedule and on scope.

The implementation was achieved in stages, with the first being a 10 day rapid migration process from the previous CRM and implementation. This was done with minimal interruption to normal business.

Following that, a deeper implementation and integration process took place, leading eventually to a successful implementation of as both CRM and development platform for Clarizen.

Implementation Benefits

Following the completion of implementation, Clarizen benefited from increased executive, sales and marketing team visibility into the overall sales performance of the organization.

Today Salesforce is an integral part of Clarizen’s information architecture. It supports multiple customer acquisition, retention and care scenarios, and is tightly integrated with Clarizen’s own evolving product suite.

Guy Shani, Chief Strategy Officer and GM America, said:

“we have examined multiple CRM options and have found Salesforce is the best fit to our needs. The combination of the system with ServiceWise’s proven capabilities as a consultancy and implementation team, gave us a lot of confidence in the success of the project on the one hand, and the ability of ServiceWise to flexibly address the dynamic requirements of an organization such as ours. The scope and quality of information flowing in our Salesforce CRM system today allows us to make strategic and tactical decisions at both the executive and departmental levels.”

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