myThings relies on the Salesforce1 Platform for complex accurate client billing

Business and Challenge

myThings is an adTech firm that specializes in increasing the revenues of publishers and advertisers by creating dynamic ads that adapt to the viewer in real time. These ads are personalized to each visitor according to their browsing habits and other consumption parameters. myThings generates more than a billion personalized banners each month, and its solutions allows eCommerce sites to increase the conversion rates of abandoning visitors by 150% when compared to other typical rates in the retargeting segment.

myThings needed a system that will manage and optimize complex billing scenarios. Prior to selecting the solution, myThings used various disconnected systems, including heavily customized Excel sheets, to manage the process, which was cumbersome, manual and unreliable. The firm required a reliable & scalable solution that will enable end-to-end automation and complex formula-based calculations.

The Solution

With such complex and custom requirements in mind, myThings needed first and foremost a powerful platform. It selected Salesforce (today called the Salesforce1 Platform) and picked ServiceWise to develop a custom solution on top of it.

Business Results

Since its successful deployment, the solution has become an integral part of myThings’ business operations. It allows users to accurately calculate the firm’s client bills. It manages the processes of invoice production and payment collection. It integrates with other information systems that send it base data for calculations, and with the ledger systems for accounting.

Yossi Hoshen, IT Director:

“The project was developed and deployed on schedule, with no major delays and user adoption and feedback was excellent from day one, an unusual result in such projects that was well noted by the stakeholders at myThings.”

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