Empowering Advanced Support and Development Teams using the Salesforce Service Cloud

Project Background

Established in 1995, LivePerson humanizes the online experience for businesses worldwide, increasing sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty. More than 10,000 companies use LivePerson’s real-time chat platform to communicate and build relationships with their customers on the Web. LivePerson has been using the CRM platform for more than 13 years, however its Data Center Operation (Production) department , considered as 4th tier support to the entire online operation, has been using stand-alone freeware and as a result has remained disconnected from LivePerson’s customer support business processes.

LivePerson sought to integrate the activity of this department with the rest of the organization.

Service Provider Selection & Implementation Process

LivePerson turned to ServiceWise to design & implement the new processes within the Salesforce Service Cloud, and to assist it in embedding them within the organization.

Implementing the solution involved the following activities:

  • Creation of a designated application for Production, using additional Case record type.
  • Addition of workflows, escalation rules, validation rules, page layouts and approval rules.
  • Adjustment of existing support processes to the new integrated support approach
  • Using VisualForce technology to facilitate the automated cross-departments flow for provisioning & change
  • Creation of new custom components to track the users’ time invested

Even after the project’s successful completion, ServiceWise has been closely working with the LivePerson to support the adoption of the new tools & processes, and to continuously address emerging business requirements.

Business Benefits

LivePerson has been seeing many benefits to its work with

  • Salesforce CRM provides LivePerson with a wider customer view for more efficient and better customer service.
  • Streamlined problem reporting allows reps to enter case data only once and to quickly route cases based on issue type.
  • Using Salesforce CRM’s case management, Liveperson can more effectively allocate resources to quickly respond to customer service queries
  • The production dept can now measure its planned vs. unplanned activities on a per resource basis
    Wide failures are now tagged and documented for the purpose of research and lesson-learning

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